I realize I’ve been lacking in posting a lot of fantastic shit here, but that’s changing soon (I know, I know).

The first bit of fantastic shit I’m posting is going to be tomorrow at 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

This site, along with many other noble protesters, will be going dark for the day, blacking out against SOPA/PIPA.

If you want to on your WordPress site, too, you can.  It’s easy.

Go to your Dashboard. Go to Settings. Go to Protest SOPA/PIPA. Follow the instructions. It takes 3 minutes to take a stand against something terrible.

SOPA/PIPA is that terrible thing.

I love you all.



tmichaelmurdock vs. twitter

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I’m sick today, and due to boredom and lack of shame, I decided to try an experiment. After noticing that several pornbot followers I had picked up were either finally banned or decided that, even though they take sixteen dicks at a time and let people poop on them, they just couldn’t deal with whatever I was tweeting about and un-followed me,  I gathered up all of the hashtags on Twitter that people use to gain random followers and I tweeted them all at once. One of the hashes/accounts even promised me 5000 followers instantly.

Now, of course, I realized that I would never gain 5000 followers instantly. But I thought that maybe there would be some real people who jumped on the bandwagon and I could introduce them to Slightly Burned Pants or the Slightly Burned Pants Podcast, and thereby gain a few new listeners. It couldn’t hurt, right?

Well, it hasn’t yet, anyway. It might later. Either way, I wanted to prove that the hashtag “instant ridiculous amount of followers” thing was bullshit, and I succeeded at that.

After several hours now, I have picked up about 6 new followers, though. I hope they don’t expect me to follow them back, because that will absolutely never happen. They may be called “Team Followback”, but they need to realize that it’s all about ME.

Until next illness,


As you may or may not know, I’m contributing to a blog called Slightly Burned Pants.  It has some original content, as well as some link-dump content with original commentary about the dump.  It’s gonna be super fun, so you should get on the boat early.

Twitter:  @BurnedPants


Follow, follow, follow….!

And yes, Virginia, there WILL be a weekly podcast for it as well!  All of your dreams are belong to us.


tmichaelmurdock vs. time

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Currently, I don’t have much.  But I’m getting more every day.  Soon there will be big news dropped here (not that anyone reads this) about some fun shit coming your way.  Websites, podcasts, films, OH MY!  Everything is just slightly burned.


I’ve never really been one to keep up with a blog.  It’s funny, being a writer and all, that I can’t, or won’t, make time for one, but there it is.  Maybe this time it’ll catch.  Perhaps I have enough to say lately to keep it rolling for a while.  “Cigarettes & Propaganda” has been created and maintained *many* different times, but, I have to say… this one is… the prettiest?

I find that I write in personal blogs more often when I have no other outlet for whatever is banging around in my head, and, right now, there seems to be a lot.  I’ve got several new jobs lined up, presuming they fall into place.  My day job is on the upswing too, as is my girlfriend who has taken up “extreme couponing”, it seems.  You should certainly follow her on Twitter @AYearInSavings and watch her video blogs once they go live.  She’ll save you a buck or two.  Who can really ask for anything more out of this life?

As for me, I’ll be writing for basically anyone willing to throw some bones my way, and some that won’t.  I’ve got my irregular freelance reviewing gig at Joystiq.com, and I’ll also be contributing quite a bit to SideQuesting.com.  If you don’t read those site, you should – not just for me, but because good people work there, and they love what they do.  They’re excellent writers, and I’m proud to have my name bandied about in the same conversations.  Other than that, I may still have a few tricks up my sleeve.  We’ll see who takes the bait.

I hope that we can establish a rapport here.  I’m likely to talk about anything and everything.  Nothing is off the table.  Since this is “my house”, I would love to get into conversations or debates or even the occasional shouting match with you readers in the comments section.  When I write for other people, I never partake in the comments.  I *read* them, and cry a little, but I never respond.  That won’t be the case here.  I’ll gladly defend my opinions or bend over and take it or simper or laugh or cry in *this* place.  I’m excited to shoot the shit.

I won’t make any bones about it, folks.  This site is going to be super Mike heavy.  It’s mine.  It’s where I’ll promote my shit.  It’s where I’ll promote other people’s shit that I like.  It’s where I’ll talk about video games and movies and t.v. and books and music and comic books and theatre and writing and religion and politics and sports and anything else that may strike my fancy.  That’s what this blog is for.  InB4 “You’re so fucking full of yourself, dude.”.  I KNOW.  You came to MY HOUSE.  I still love you, just stop clawing the furniture.  Biiiiitches.

So here we are.  Welcome to Cigarettes & Propaganda.  I’m really glad you’re here.  Let’s cause some trouble, shall we?


This is the first post for my “new” blog.  This blog has been around, in various incarnations on Blogger, MySpace, LiveJournal and even here on WordPress.  But that’s all over now.  This is the new hotness.  I hope I continue to post to this one.  It’s prettier.  Also, I love you.  Thanks for stopping by.

For those interested in knowing if you’re in the right place, here’s some FAQ:

Are you the guy that does freelance writing, specifically video game reviews for Joystiq.com?


Did you write “The Dragon Ruby” with J. Herschel Jeffrey?


Are you the guy that wrote the super-harsh review of Conduit 2 and was part of a media frenzy when High Voltage Software attacked your book on Amazon.com?


Do you run 619 Productions, LLC – the aspiring film company?


Do you like dogs or cats?


Is Counting Crows really your favorite band?


Do you really play World of Warcraft?


Do you really like the Reds AND the Yankees?


Did you really live in Los Angeles for three years and then move back to southern Ohio?


Is there a better movie than “Joe Vs. The Volcano”?


That’ll do for now.  Thanks, again for coming along for the ride.  I hope we have exciting times together.